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July 2022
The Roastery

This exhibition was a collaboration with my sister Danielle Segal who attended the Australian Ceramics Triennale in Tasmania in 2019. It was then when she had the idea to bring our work together as part of the programme for the  Triennale in Alice Springs July 2022. The Covid 19 challenge of the last few years resulted in a virtual collaboration using technology to aid discussion about our work and what direction it should take.

My fascination with ripples created by wind on sand, wind on water and the evidence left in the desert landscape of the ocean from eons ago, informed the path the work would take . The process of working together  resulted in a collision of interests and a transformation of personal trajectories. By combining our individual work with medium that each other uses we produced "Surfacing:  as a celebration of the effect that the elements have on the earth.

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