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Kiln is 60 cm cubed with a range of full-sized and half-sized shelves and all the props you could possibly need.


Terms and conditions of use:

Work that is wet will not be fired, work must be 100% dry before bisque firing.

Work must be bisque fired before glazing.  We will not fire glazed greenware (raw clay).

All pieces must have their bases free of glazes.  Please wipe the bottom of each piece before submitting for firing service.


All clays must be commercially manufactured, no locally found clay will be fired.


Hollow pieces must a hole piercing to avoid exploding in the kiln.


  • If kiln shelves are damaged (due to overflowing glaze, work that has been placed on the wrong shelf, etc.) you will be charged a cleaning fee of $45 per damaged shelf.

  • If your work ruins a kiln shelf, you will be charged for the cost of replacing that shelf.  The cost of one full-size shelf is $289 and does not include freight, which could be $100 or more.

  • If your work damages the interior of the kiln, you are required to pay a fine based on the severity of the damage to be determined.

Kiln firing

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