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July 2022
The Roastery
Surfacing - an exhibition by two sisters 
The idea for this exhibition was sparked in Tasmania when Alice Springs was announced as the venue for the next Australian Ceramics Triennial.  My sister Danielle Segal, a Melbourne based ceramicist, and myself,  thought it would be a fabulous opportunity for us to work together on sculptural forms, to share our practices and learn from each other and hopefully extend our own work.

Inspired by the ripples on the water and the evidence that water and wind leave on the earth. I use reclaimed aluminium mesh  combined with ceramics to depict  various aspects of the ripples on the water .
Danielle was inspired by cracks in the earth and how the sun and wind affect the earth and dried it out. She loves the colours of the centre, and is awed by the beautiful colours that iron can create.  

We were able to find common ground by thinking about the way that all the elements wind, water, fire, and air affect the earth. The title ‘surfacing’ means to rise or come to the surface of the water or ground.
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