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'Collecting Drops


In the summer of 2020, after such a long period without rain I was saddened to see in the valley where I walk my dog, the old Mulga trees on their last legs. Many had died already and without rain soon there were many more to go. When rain finally came, we visited the claypans just out of Alice Springs almost every day to enjoy the precious water the heavens presented us with. “Collecting drops” is a compilation of video clips taken on these outings. The patterns on the surface of the water are what I find feed me with a sense of calm just like waves on the ocean.


Collaboration with Sooji Kim and David Williams

In 2016 as part of my Soft Tool exhibition at Watch this Space I approached Musician David Williams and film Maker Sooji Kim to collaborate with me to produce a video for my exhibition. Sounds and footage were recorded in my studio of me operating my power tools, then manipulated and edited to produce this video. On the opening night we David and I performed to it live, he on the electric guitar with effects and I on the singing saw.

Ode to those who didn't stay

Edited by Ben Ward​

Exhibited in Darwin in 2012. Artists were asked to respond to the concept of ‘home’. I produced this video to express the difficulties of coming to terms with living in a transient town. The ants’ nest is used as a metaphor for a home in the centre. After living here in central Australia, I watched so many people I had become close to leave town and find other places to be. One by one I watched them disappear, many I would never see again, as if they had disappeared down a hole.

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